{logging} is about questions that concern information in the log file. For other files created during the compilation, use {auxiliary-files} instead.

TeX and LaTeX put a lot of information in its log. The most important ones are

  • The "who-am-I", saying the engine, version, date, mode etc.
  • Every file read on input is put in the log in the form (filename.xxx ... ), where the closing parenthesis appears when the file is read whole and is closed. These parentheses get nested, so if your main.tex file includes files chapter1.tex and chapter2.tex, then the log will show (main.tex (chapter1.tex) (chapter2.tex)).
  • The page number in brackets when the page gets shipped. This means that the previous example would produce something like (main.tex (chapter1.tex [1][2][3]) (chapter2.tex [4][5])) [6].
  • The LaTeX core warnings: mostly Missing fonts, Wrong labels (missing / duplicit).
  • The LaTeX package warnings and information.
  • The overfull and underfull boxes information.

For questions concerning other files created during the compilation, use the tag instead.

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