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Use the ifluatex package. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{ifluatex} \begin{document} \ifluatex hello \else goodbye \fi \end{document}


This is a variant of Ignasi's answer. It uses an experimental package based on forest. The advantage is that the lines are automatically numbered, the justifications are added as annotations with their nodes using the key just (no need for a separate tree) and the vertical spacing between lines which should be grouped together (as when listing assumptions) ...


NEW ANSWER I finally got fed up with not having a better solution to offer people. Logic is not well served, particularly for teaching lower level classes. My solution is an extremely tentative, fragile package. It is not free of hacks, it is not in any way optimised and it is not altogether automatic. Caveat emptor... The package is called prooftrees ...

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