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The easy way: Put the .sty file in the same folder which contains the .lyx file. Open the .lyx file, go to Documents > Settings > LaTeX preamble. Add this code: \usepackage{acl2012} Click apply. Regards


I found the 6 step answer above to be very helpful. I did have a few hiccups related to the way Mac likes to try to be smarter than the user, so I thought I'd share in case others are having similar troubles. I tend to be pretty computer dense, so maybe this will be helpful for others who struggle. Most of the folders needed for these operations are hidden ...


Paste this code in LyX local layout then click enable then apply then save: Style مثال Category MainText Margin Static LatexType Environment LatexName exarab NextNoIndent 1 LeftMargin MMM RightMargin MMM ParIndent MM ParSkip 0 ItemSep 0 ...


This isn't possible with a Flex inset, but it is possible with a list, as Jurgen Spitzmuller points out over on lyx-users. Style Questions Margin Static LatexType Item_Environment LatexName questions ItemCommand question Argument item:1 MenuString "Point Value" LabelString "Points" EndArgument ...

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