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Here is a pure LaTeX solution (sorry). Simply enclose the bibliography statement in a box. In this way all the crucial parts of \bibliography are still executed but typesetting is prevented. This has the advantage, that it does not depend on implementation details of \bibliography. \documentclass{tufte-handout} \begin{document} Lorem ...


You need a file dcsbook.layout. You also need the necessary LaTeX files. You can copy them from your Windows computer to your Ubuntu computer or you can get them from here. Once you install the new LaTeX files, put the layout file in ~/.lyx/layouts and then go to Tools > Reconfigure and restart LyX.


A slide or Frame in LyX consists of a Frame heading followed by contents and then a separator. So first select the Frame tag from the drop down list and give it a title Then fill in the Contents of the Frame and in the end select a separator from the drop down list at the top right corner. You can repeat this process to create as many slides/Frames as you ...

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