is about typesetting mathematical content, e.g. tweaking the appearance of spacing and symbols in a formula, or producing specific mathematical constructs.

For questions about "wrapper" environments like equation or align, consider using .

If you have questions about specific mathematical symbols, add and check out How to look up a symbol? first.

formula example

Tutorials and documentation

Useful packages

  • amsmath, the most important package for mathematics with LaTeX, fundamental for complex math documents
  • amsthm, environments for theorems, definitions and proofs
  • ntheorem, alternative theorem package, improved handling of endmarks
  • empheq, emphasizing formulas by color, frames or symbols
  • mathtools, some useful math extensions
  • cancel, strikeout expressions and formulas
  • amscd, commutative diagrams with amsmath
  • xypic, for construction of math diagrams

A selection of good questions

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External links and descriptions are taken from the TeXblog maths collection.

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