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I find a solution with a tiny trick, but temporarily! I define some command in my latex such: \newcommand{\prb}{\rl{تابع احتمال}}, and in my .m file, I use the command \prb instead of unicode characters: تابع احتمال. So, the .m file, just consist of ASCI characters. Latex then, execute the command and view تابع احتمال in the PDF and work fine!


Here's an example document using Python, with both code and output. To use this example, you will need Python. Anaconda is a good option for this sort of thing. You also need the pythontex package. It's in TeX Live. It can also be installed manually; download the latest version from GitHub, extract, then run the Python installer in the pythontex directory. ...


mcode is customized to write matlab codes. It too uses listings for this job. Hence it is like a ready made shirt, you just wear it. listings is like cloth from which you have to stitch the shirt yourself. It is a general package for typesetting codes. You have to define the setting for matlab yourself and use it. Hence the bottom line is, with mcode you ...

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