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Seems like you have local copy of textcomp in D:\Documentos\Tesis\Circuitos Eléctricos\Latex\Filtros\01. Capacitivo\graficos\scripts\primero\textcomp.sty that is out of date. You should use the Miktex package manager to install textcomp.


Another much easier solution is: don't use LaTeX in Matlab 2014b to label your axis. For example, you cannot have any thing like x_1^*. If you use only plain text in Matlab, then when you save the file to SVG, the text will be kept. You can then edit the .pdf_tex file generated by Inkscape to show the correct label. This is of course due to the bug of the ...


I would highly recommend exporting straight from MATLAB, instead of making this odd detour. If you would need higher quality figures than the default MATLAB output, please have a look at the following function by Yair Altman: http://uk.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/23629-export-fig

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