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You have to use suffix and not expr: def anchors(suffix p) = pair p.n, p.e, p.s, p.w; p.n := .5(ulcorner p + urcorner p); p.e := .5(urcorner p + lrcorner p); p.s := .5(llcorner p + lrcorner p); p.w := .5(ulcorner p + llcorner p); enddef; path b; b := unitsquare scaled 1pt; anchors(b); show b.n; show b.e; show b.s; show b.w; end This outputs ...


I've just seen that there is still missing a PSTricks solution ;) Using the newest version 5.0 (uploaded right now) of the pst-optexp package allows to use arbitrary paths as refractive or reflective surfaces. Here is how you can simulate a rough surface. Basically you must use \pssavepath (from pst-intersect) to save some path to be used later as ...

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