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If you use the gmp package, you can compile your document and get the Metapost figure at the same time; so if you need an IDE, the one you use for LaTeX will do. Myself, I have a very short shell script to compile the figure and a de minimis LaTeX file for viewing it: #!/bin/sh mpost figure.mp; mv figure.1 figure.mps; pdflatex testfigure.tex; The file ...


The workaround is simple: boxit.mx(\btex {\begin{minipage}[t]{1em}M U X\end{minipage}} etex); The documentation tells that the braces around environments is necessary when mpost is used as the argument to a command, which is always the case with beamer.


I've been using the following for mplib with OpenType fonts in luatex (no format): \input luaotfload.sty \input luamplib.sty %\mplibsetformat{metafun} % optional use of metafun extensions \mplibcode beginfig(1); label.rt(btex sup etex, origin); label.top("test", origin); endfig; \endmplibcode %%%% Example Using an OpenType font %%%% \font\bigfont = ...


I would like to point out the following site: http://math.stanford.edu/~jyzhao/latexfonts.php Also, you can make your own true-type font in font forge. Using svg files with font forge and the above link, you should be able to easily create and use your own font. Make sure to follow the instructions on the above site precisely: actually make a copy of your ...

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