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With you need to call drawboxed or drawunboxed before you can use any of the anchor suffixes for the boxes you have defined. The simplest way to avoid the crash is to draw the boxes before you draw the connection; in other words swap the order of your commands, like so: drawboxed(perfect, chordal); draw perfect.s--chordal.n; Like this, your ...


I had the same problem. The solution of the problem is: Start -> All Programs -> MikTex 2.9 -> Maintenance (Admin) -> Settings (Admin) Select "Formats". The following window appears Click "New" and the following window appears Do the following (a) Format key: put whatever you want (for example, latex_metapost_btex) (b) Format name: latex (c) Input ...


Well, it looks like this is a bug in Metapost. The solution I came up with was to simply write a shell script which takes the EPS output and converts it into PNG with ghostscript


You can indeed use Metapost to generate fonts. Read the chapter called "MetaPost Versus METAFONT" in the appendix of the Metapost manual. You need to use the mfplain macro package. If you do something like mpost -mem=mfplain MetaPost will produce a PostScript file for each character in the font. But as it says in the manual, "some editing ...

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