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I'm not sure why math is used in a \textls context, but… There is a difference between microtype version 2.6a (TL 2016) \DeclareRobustCommand\lsstyle{% \not@math@alphabet\lsstyle\textls \MT@glet\glb@currsize\@empty \def\MT@feat{tr}% \let\MT@tracking\MT@set@tr@codes \selectfont } and version 2.5a (TL 2015) \DeclareRobustCommand\lsstyle{% \not@...


Just replace \titleformat with this: \titleformat {\chapter} [display] {\filcenter\normalfont\scshape\huge} {\HUGE\thechapter} {18pt} {\textsomels}[\vspace{42pt}]


As the OP notes in the comment, \lsstyle, while it works as an argument to titlesec, does not allow for the letterspacing value to be explicitly set. Here, I introduce \lsstylehelp{} in lieu of \lsstyle, where the argument is the letterspacing value to set for the subsequent \lsstyle. The definition is simply \newcommand\lsstylehelp[1]{\edef\MT@...

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