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You have to simply run pdflatex glossaries-english.ins in the directory TEXMF/tex/latex/glossaries-english/ and then pdflatex glossaries-german.ins in the directory TEXMF/tex/latex/glossaries-german/ If you then run pdflatex on the *.dtx files you will also get the documentation of these packages in *.pdf format. At this point the needed ...


Please give more complete examples, but using https://raw.githubusercontent.com/yihui/stat-sci-cranvas/master/imsart.cls https://raw.githubusercontent.com/yihui/stat-sci-cranvas/master/my_imsart.sty the following document \documentclass{imsart} \newcommand{\R}{\mathbb{R}} \begin{document} $\R $ \end{document} produces the error message ! Undefined ...


Ok, after one day of craziness I could make it work following a modified version of the instructions found here. I will assume you have MiKTeX installed in a folder called "MiKTeK" Download this package (it's a modified version of the one I found in the page linked above). Copy ‘texmf/dvips/config/wolfram.map’ to ‘MiKTeK/fonts/map/dvips/wolfram/’ – create ...


Now babel language definition files are independent of the main babel installation (it's a change between version 3.8 and version 3.9). So probably babel-english is not installed, and you have to install it with MiKTeX Package Manager.


I've managed to seemingly fix this myself. I just ran: Tools -> Reconfigure

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