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Few hours ago, I was trying to upload a paper and it kept rejecting the .dvi because of this rendering problem. It is true that using dvips as rendering method works well. However, if you'd like to upload the .DVI to publishing sites, say IEEEXPLORE, it won't allow it. I use Lyx, and I got around this problem by removing the Hyperref Support, as per the ...


Please give more complete examples, but using https://raw.githubusercontent.com/yihui/stat-sci-cranvas/master/imsart.cls https://raw.githubusercontent.com/yihui/stat-sci-cranvas/master/my_imsart.sty the following document \documentclass{imsart} \newcommand{\R}{\mathbb{R}} \begin{document} $\R $ \end{document} produces the error message ! Undefined ...


Thanks for helping me. Problems have been solved. I just changed the default page size A4(A4 size) to Letter, then backed to the default page size A4(A4 size). It was weird, wasn't it? As I didn't change any other things, just back to the default. Any way, problems have been solved, so I write it down here, which may be helpful to the ones who meet the same ...


I've managed to seemingly fix this myself. I just ran: Tools -> Reconfigure


You have to simply run pdflatex glossaries-english.ins in the directory TEXMF/tex/latex/glossaries-english/ and then pdflatex glossaries-german.ins in the directory TEXMF/tex/latex/glossaries-german/ If you then run pdflatex on the *.dtx files you will also get the documentation of these packages in *.pdf format. At this point the needed ...


You probably forgot to copy the remaining files from that template. \usetheme{confposter} % Use the confposter theme supplied with this template Download the whole project as ZIP and compile it.


the package name underlined and a pop-up says it's not found With a MikTeX installation, TXS checks the presence of a package by analyzing the result of mpm --list. I assume that this does not cover packages in a local tex folder. You may disable package checking at Options -> Editor -> Inline Checking -> Packages. There are some other ...


Ok, after one day of craziness I could make it work following a modified version of the instructions found here. I will assume you have MiKTeX installed in a folder called "MiKTeK" Download this package (it's a modified version of the one I found in the page linked above). Copy ‘texmf/dvips/config/wolfram.map’ to ‘MiKTeK/fonts/map/dvips/wolfram/’ – create ...


May it's because you've selected "Yes" instead of "Ask me First" when installing MikTeX. This may cause somehow Problems with the automatic update function of packages. Try the Installation with "Ask me first" instead of "Yes". This solved the Problem in case. My error code was: Permission denied: C:\Miktex\source\latex\jknappen\jknappen-src.cab


I had troubles finding the .exe as there seems to be no longer the right directory in github It can be found there https://bintray.com/cereda/arara/installers/3.0/view


Copy fi-logo.mf to C:\Program Files (x86)\MiKTeX 2.9\fonts\source\ Open Settings in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\MiKTeX 2.9\Maintenance (Admin) General tab -> Refresh FNDB Logo should now compile properly.


Now babel language definition files are independent of the main babel installation (it's a change between version 3.8 and version 3.9). So probably babel-english is not installed, and you have to install it with MiKTeX Package Manager.

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