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It's not perfect (I personally don't like how the code cuts mid tag) but it should do the job. Basically, I unpacked the tcblisting environment and added a multicols environment. \documentclass{report} \usepackage{tcolorbox} \tcbuselibrary{minted} \usepackage{blindtext} \usepackage{multicol} % added package \begin{document} \blindtext ...


You can't avoid the warning, because the Pygments lexer for Python chooses italics for triple quoted strings. If I don't load inconsolata, the output is The Inconsolata font has no italic/slanted shapes, so the warning is issued and the upright font is used. You should use a monospaced font that has italic shape, probably. You can avoid the warning ...


It has been possible to highlight JVM bytecode since v1.3 of listings using the language name of JVMIS (Java Virtual Machine Instruction Set, I believe). It's actually mentioned on that page you linked in the OP.

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