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In the options for latex, the tex file goes last (AFAIK). So when specifying options for an editor know which will be the placeholder for the tex file, and make sure it comes last


The bug is fixed in minted v2.2.2, which is currently on GitHub and will be on CTAN soon.


Please have a look to the following MWE (with current MikTeX 2.9): \RequirePackage{filecontents} \begin{filecontents}{\jobname.bib} @MastersThesis{Beta2016, author = {Alpha Beta}, title = {This is a long title to show off quotes!!}, institution = {Some institution}, year = {2016}, owner = {me}, timestamp = {2016.01.01}, } \end{...


When minted finds a syntax error (such as ...) it draws an fcolorbox. You can redefine this command within minted environments to prevent drawing of the box, as per For future reference, please provide a complete minimal working example (MWE) instead of a few fragments, as shown below. I have ...


minted uses Pygments to do the actual highlighting, and this includes escapeinside. Pygment's implementation of escapeinside can be fragile in some circumstances, and does not work inside strings or comments. In the prolog case, foo is tokenized as a String.Atom, so when the lexer reaches the first |, it is in the wrong mode for starting an escape. In ...


Several packages using \write18 will need to be updated for compatibility with LuaLaTeX under LuaTeX 0.90; minted is among them. However, the shellesc package provides the necessary workaround: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{shellesc} \usepackage{minted} \begin{document} \begin{minted}{ruby} class Foo def init pi = Math::PI @var = "Pi is ...

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