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This is due to the way that tikz externalization works. If you look in the PGF/TikZ manual, under externalization, under "Details About The Process" (Section 50.4.5, page 625 in the version 3.0.0 manual), you will see that externalize works by compiling the entire file once for each image that is being externalized. During this compiling process, all parts ...


I had the exact same problem. Removing all spaces from the name of the TeX file fixed it.


I would like to share another solution for the same issue which couldn't be solved by Frédéric's answer. In the process of installing minted (and trying to get it to work), I used one TeX file and different settings for python, pdftex and so on. Even compiling Frédéric's example would lead to undefined control sequences. Cleaning up the subdirectory ...


I'm using minted v2.0. Adding % no red boxes on parser error: \makeatletter \expandafter\def\csname PYGdefault@tok@err\endcsname{\def\PYGdefault@bc##1{{\strut ##1}}} \makeatother to preambule works. Expecting errors in cached files leads that \PYGdefault{err} is issued on error. It's definition is found in default.pygstyle on cache dir. Redefining that ...

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