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Have you opened the word document LaTeXinWord_03_v_0_3_1.doc ? This is in fact all you need! That document has the macros contained in it. If you click on an equation in this document, and press ALT+L, it should show the GUI. If this doesn't work, then sorry I can't help. If it says "Macros are disabled", then you need to set security to medium. I am ...


Try http://texpoint.necula.org/manual.html. It processes Tex code within Word and Powerpoint. Using \input{Your File Here} and then ReTex Displays, it will also update as your tables change.


Even though I suspect mentioning MS Word might get you banned for life on TeX.SX, this looks like an interesting feature. It appears to be a Macro, so review this perhaps: Record or Run a Macro And after reading this review by this guy who shows as one of the developers, mrsparkle713, I think it might help to contact one of them. This is an easy plugin ...

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