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I will try to give a clear answer as many answers here point out interesting things but I don't find them clear enough or not answering the actual question. What are major improvements of LaTeX or associated tools which fix some disadvantages LaTeX might have had in comparison to Word some years ago? Speed: Compilation got much faster thanks to faster ...


The improvements to LaTeX since the year 2000 for me is the LaTeX editors are much more sophisticated today and I do believe that we have a wider choice of editors. Also, thanks to the generous people who have created instructional videos and shared them on YouTube, and to websites like this one, the learning curve has diminished. I agree with the post ...


Another unlisted solution is the full version of Adobe Acrobat. I tried the majority of the solutions listed here, which all failed pretty miserably. Adobe successfully converted nearly everything perfectly, including: most equations almost all formatting images/generated figures

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