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I've created LatexToWordEquation based on answers. It is a Word AddIn. The source code I've pushed to Github. Link here If you prefer you can download the installer directly from here. Note: This is an active download link that will immediately download the file when you click on it. How to do it


Yes, all of these things can be done. Things to research: WordML2LaTeX --- http://ctanhg.scharrer-online.de/pkg/wordml2latex.html (I believe there are some other tools in this space) https://latex-project.org/guides/clsguide.pdf I believe it'd be worthwhile to compare what doing this sort of thing w/ commercialy available tools is like --- I do it for ...


Let's rephrase two of your wishes I’d like to give all document to the client in the end, but would be nice if they can edit the text without knowledge of MSWord It would be nice if anybody in the company can use it to create professional documents without MSWord knowledge Would you find such requirements easy to fulfil? I don't. Word is a rather ...


For font, you can use the \f@size macro (see this question). For the layout, you can use the layout package (just add \usepackage{layout} to the preamble) and the command \layout after \begin{document}. This is what I got when I used this with the el­sar­ti­cle-tem­plate-harv.tex template.

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