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When I have to work on MS Word documents, I wrote my part in a LaTeX file as usual (and enjoy my emacs+AUCTeX shortcuts). Then I convert the document using pandoc to odt and copy/paste my document into the official one (usually a .docx). It probably possible to convert directly to Docx (pandoc seems to support it) The big avantage of pandoc is it can take ...


Currently I am converting my latex generated pdf as Word documents. I use the pdf export function in Adobe reader to convert the pdf into word files. It works better than using LaTex2RTF tools.


From a point of view of a user who uses Latex only as a tool while being mostly ignorant of the underlying processes I've noticed two significant changes: The time to resolve a problem has significantly reduced from 10 years ago when I started. The main reason is that there is much more to the point information on the net. Furthermore, what nearly ...

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