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There's is a form on my website where you can write LaTeX formulas and paste the generated MathML code directly into Word: http://engenharialivre.com/latex-para-word/ It's in Portuguese (because I'm Brazilian), but I believe that you won't find any dificulties to use it. Thanks to the author of this answer, I had the idea.


Create with the standalone document class a single pdf image of your grafic which you then include with \includegraphics into your main document. Crate a pdf and then use https://www.gonitro.com/de/ to convert the pdf into a Word format. There is a trial version.


Mac Instructions only Based on James Lingard's MS Word template page. Lingard's template file (LaTeX.dot) can be used to produce documents that look a lot like they've been typeset in TeX/LaTeX but you'll need to install the Computer Modern TrueType versions of fonts used by LaTeX to make them available in MS Word. Installing the fonts: Download the ...


I tried nearly all methods mentioned in other answers. Eventually, and surprisingly, I found the most satisfactory way to convert is that to just open the PDF file in MS Word 2013, which retained most of the layout. Although you are gonna lose the hyperlinks of cross-references.

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