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The mystery is readily solved: tabu processes its input twice or more. It disables some commands during the trial processing, but it forgets to do it for \stepcounter and \addtocounter. One of the commands it disables is \write, with the consequence that the \vspace is added but the message is not issued. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{tabu} ...


I get the desired result by removing some of your '\\', specifically the ones after line 2 and the one on the line before line 3: \begin{document} \begin{lxtabu} Line 1\\ \begin{lxtabu} Line 2 %\\ \end{lxtabu} %\\ Line 3, should not have big empty space above it \\ \end{lxtabu} Line 4, should have \verb|\baselineskip| space above it. ...

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