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The question is unclear, so I just put the nomenclature in a longtable, however, this requires some more setup (i.e. getting rid off some features.) Using glossaries and making a new glossary would be much easier and configurable at all!!!! \documentclass{book} \usepackage{xpatch} \usepackage{longtable} \usepackage{nomencl} \makenomenclature ...


I quote Kurt, but for me (TeXnicCenter 2.02 (stable) 64bit, MiKTeX 2.9, Win 10) the option -g was not correct. To get the Nomenclature page printed, I edited the command line argument of Makeindex in the build output profile to be just: %tm.nlo" -s -o "%tm.nls" Cheers.


As mentioned by @clemens some editors might run makeindex filename.idx instead of makeindex filename.nlo -s -o filename.nls which is required for creating the nomenclature. So if you have the same problem run the following from the terminal/command line of your system (you also have to navigate to the master file from the command line first): ...


Hoping that you meant WinEdt instead of Winedit as editor you can install the Add-On Nomenclature which works for the nomencl as well as for the nomentbl package. Assuming that you are using PDFTeXify to create your output this macro is modified in that way, that it will automatically compile the nomenclature when needed. In seldom cases this fails, but ...

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