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I've tried both. WriteLaTeX (now Overleaf) is a bit prettier, but in the end I prefer ShareLaTeX for these reasons: It compiles much faster autocomplete is more robust: it works with package and custom commands It doesn't spawn multiple browser windows/tabs like Overleaf Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V work in vim mode, this doesn't work in Overleaf


I’m the creator of Codr, a collaborative code editor for the web. I created Codr because I couldn’t find a “Google Docs for Code” product that met the following criteria: Built for code. Codr supports over 100 programming languages (including LaTex). 100% collaborative. Every cursor move and selection change as well as edits are instantly relayed to all ...


Here's a way to get what I believe you're looking for. \begin{filecontents*}{\jobname.bib} @preamble{"\DeclareRobustCommand{\firstsecond}[2]{#2}"} @misc{WB:2014, author = {{\firstsecond{World Bank}{The World Bank}}}, title = {Life expectancy}, year = {2014}, note = {data retrieved from World Development Indicators, ...

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