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Biber works so nicely with TexPad OS X and BibDesk and with a lot of online sources. Instructions to switch from Bibtex to Biber (source) in TexPad OSX Typesets and compiles the bibliography file. The underlying bibliography engine is set in the Preferences' window (current options include BibTeX and Biber). Chain: pdfLaTeX BibTeX/Biber pdfLaTeX ...


BibLaTeX, especially when used with Biber, offers the most powerful and sophisticated handling of bibliographies. It has been designed with web resources in mind from the start and offers extremely nice ways to format a range of resources. For example: all entry types support the url and urldate fields for specifying URLs and dates accessed; all entry ...


I am gathering here choices about different methods to reference material properly with urls and other webpage-based material. Choices @misc entry type and howpublished=\url{...} field with Bibtex, instructions here BibLatex method as instructed here, I haven't been able to get it compiled nicely

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