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You would probably give the year as 1999 here. That is the version present on that page, the 1991 version cannot even be accessed that way. Like Johannes_B I would have given the advice to use the origdate field for 1991 (this field is ignored by the standard styles). After I had a look at the page in question though, I would not even do that. It is not at ...


I think that my minimalistic service, latex-online, might come handy to someone. Unique feature: Create a live link which, when pressed, fetches content from url/git repo and returns freshly compiled pdf. Github example This helps a lot if you store TeX files in a public repository and want a "See Latest" link in the (example: my diploma). ...


When you open your document on ShareLaTeX you should see something like the following: Click the image with an uparrow that's circled in blue. A window will pop up and allow you to upload files from your local hard drive. Select the rmathbr.sty and upload. Voila


I posted a similar question on today and was pointed to this question. I posted a hack there which can work for your situation also. Basically make a separate empty file called then use IfFileExists function in latex to test whether this file is present or not and take action accordingly. When you have to upload the ...

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