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Yes, LuaLaTeX as engine, microtype and KOMA-script packages provide such a lot of features, that you will need some time to study it. Where to start? Install texlive 2014 or the current MikTeX version. Older versions lack of many features of LuaLaTeX, microtype and KOMA-script. There is a very useful »Guide to LuaLaTeX« by Manuel Pégourié-Gonnard. Then ...


I do not have your versions of Lucida, but my Lucida works: \documentclass{scrartcl} \usepackage{amsmath} \usepackage{unicode-math} \setmainfont{Lucida Bright} \setmathfont{Lucida Bright Math OT} \begin{document} This is a formula \begin{align*} a+b=c \end{align*} \end{document}

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