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You could make use of the selnolig package. Its main purpose is to let users suppress ligatures selectively, e.g., to suppress ligatures if they cross morpheme boundaries in composite words. (For instance, in the TeXbook, Don Knuth mentions the word "shelfful" as a word in which the ff ligature shouldn't be used.) However, the selnolig package can also be ...


I tried your example but did not find the issue you described. I am using the stock TeXLive 2016, updated just today. The fonts are the versions from Adobe Font Folio 11 (but I don't think the versions of the fonts are issues here). Though I do have the patch in applied to fontspec. I am not sure if that is the issue....


As long as LuaTeX suffers from bugs, install Adobe Cronos Pro for pdftex following this manual and support: There are some discussion how to get it all to work here: Myriad Pro Condensed undefined


There are many things that have changed in TL 2016 with repect to luatex: First of all of course that many primitives have been changed, but also that the font loader has been rewritten in lua instead of using the fontforge libraries. While this is in principle a good idea, there surely are many bugs lurking and you are asked to report them to the bug ...

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