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Tell fontspec to select the bold variant by appending /B. Just for reference, there is also /I for italic and /BI for bold-italic. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{fontspec} \setmainfont[BoldFont={Latin Modern Roman/B}]{CMU Concrete} \begin{document} Hello \textbf{World!} \end{document}


In general, size feature refers to: Tag: 'size' Friendly name: Optical size Function: This feature stores two kinds of information about the optical size of the font: design size (the point size for which the font is optimized) and size range (the range of point sizes which the font can serve well), as well as other information which ...


The fontfeature "size" is used as information about design size, recommended range of sizes, and subfamily ID, which is shared for all font files in given family with various optical sizes. This parameter is read-only. An application can read it and do implement an intelligence based on such information. For example automatically selection of the font file ...


TeXLive 2016 provides the file EBGaramond12-Regular.otf as part of the ebgaramond package. Inspecting via fontforge, I can see that this file defines the calt "Contextual Alternatives" font feature, in which the glyph Q is replaced by the glyph Q.long in certain contexts. These are defined in the table 'calt' Contextual Alternates Lookup 95 under ...

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