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The code in the question has some problems: \ifstrequal is not defined, as shown by the error message. It is defined by package etoolbox. Environment switch makes a group, all local settings are lost after the end of the environment. There are lots of ways to implement "switches", this is not covered by package kvoptions, which tries to be simple and ...


You could use l3keys2e. File myunicodefonts.sty \NeedsTeXFormat{LaTeX2e} \ProvidesPackage{myunicodefonts}[2015/06/21 Load fonts] \RequirePackage{fontspec} \RequirePackage{l3keys2e} \ExplSyntaxOn \bool_new:N \g_myunicodefonts_mathfont_bool \tl_new:N \g_myunicodefonts_textfont_tl \tl_new:N \g_myunicodefonts_mathfont_tl \keys_define:nn { myunicodefonts } ...

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