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The date specification has to be of the format YYYY/MM/DD and not YYYY-MM-DD. The following minimal example works as expected: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{filecontents} \begin{filecontents*}{test.sty} \NeedsTeXFormat{LaTeX2e}[1994/06/01] \ProvidesPackage{test}[2014/08/04 Hello, World!] \endinput \end{filecontents*} \title{LaTeX Testing} ...


For most packages, the link to LaTeX3/expl3 is really one for the programmer to worry about. As such, they should be named to help the end user find the functionality and not necessarily 'mention' expl3 at all. For code specifically seeking to add ideas to the programming layer, the current approach seems to be for programmers to use lt3.... Presumably, ...


There are several possibilities. I'll present four different ways. The first two use directly or indirectly the macros \captions<lang> or \extras<lang> which are provided both by babel and polyglossia. babel says the following about those two: \captions<lang> : The macro \captions<lang> defines the macros that hold the texts to ...


From my perspective as a user I expect that local options take precedence over global options if they contradict each other. If you want your package to behave like this then here's what I would do: I would define a conditional, \newif\ifex@draft, say, and let the options either set this conditional to true or false: \DeclareOption{draft}{\ex@drafttrue} ...


Where's the problem? Here's the analysis. You have \ifmw@fonts \RequirePackage{ifxetex,ifluatex} \newif\ifengineright\enginerightfalse%Define new if to check if luatex or xetex are being used. To avoid typing the xetex/luatex commands twice. \ifengineright %Add those commands \setmathrm{Times New Roman} \setmathsf{Times New Roman} % several ...


don't do this: \ifmw@fonts \RequirePackage{ifxetex,ifluatex} \newif\ifengineright If you allocate a new if in a conditional section the \ifengineright might or might not be defined but the \fi is always a fi so you have unmatched fi in the undefined case.


I guess I answered my own question this time. I tried to not "require biblatex package" in my package document, but instead used "usepcakge" in the actual thesis document. That seemed to solve the problem. Now everything works brilliantrly.

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