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Such a box is quite easy with the borderline options, which draw vertical bars (or other stuff) Since the note environment should be versatile, there might be an optional argument that sets other options if needed, see the second (ugly!) example of the note environment. The vertical etc. spacings before/after and inside of the box might be change using ...


You could test for hmode: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{fouriernc} \begin{document} \parbox{\linewidth}{\centering % your input ... \ifhmode \\ \fi blalal } \end{document}


I suggest using package textpos. Then you can define the your name and address in one block, the company infos in another block, and finally the opening sentence in one other block. \documentclass{article} \usepackage[absolute]{textpos} \setlength{\TPHorizModule}{30mm} \setlength{\TPVertModule}{\TPHorizModule} \textblockorigin{30mm}{30mm} % start ...


Page 4 of the manual of the titlesec manual, description of the \titlespacing command: <after-sep> is the separation between title and text—vertical with hang, block, and display, and horizontal with runin, drop, wrap and ...margin. By making the value negative, you may define an effective space of less than \parskip. So just do that: ...

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