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You can issue \endparano wherever you want the paragraph numbering to stop.


You can use the parano package mentioned in that other posting, together with a couple of fixes and customisations as follows. Now updated to work with hyperref: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{parano}% http://www.sci.usq.edu.au/staff/braithwa/parano.sty %\usepackage{hyperref} %Fixes to parano.sty \makeatletter \newcommand{\paranospace}{\hfill}% ...


Add \medskip (or \bigskip), that's all. This a a sentence about something. I continue with another sentence. With this sentence I conclude an idea, and a new paragraph is needed. I start another short paragraph here, but I did not leave a blank line between both paragraphs, because they talk about the same general idea. With this sentence I end that ...


Perhaps the following might help: \documentclass{article} \newcommand{\specialparshook}{}% Hook for start of environment \newcommand{\specialparsitemhook}{}% Hook for start of item inside environment \newenvironment{specialpars} {\setcounter{enumi}{0}% Restart counter \specialparshook% Environment hook \renewcommand{\item}{% ...


Just to supplement @cfr, I usually use this general configuration \usepackage{enumitem} \setlist{ listparindent=\parindent, parsep=0pt, } To have paragraphs indented as in the normal doc, and to remove space between paragraphs in lists.


\documentclass{article} \usepackage{enumitem,kantlipsum} \begin{document} \begin{enumerate}[label=\arabic*., listparindent=1.5em] \item \kant[1-2] \item \kant[3-4] \end{enumerate} \end{document} If you want the first paragraph of an item indented also, you need something like this but will need to play around, probably, to polish it. ...


Use the \edlabel + \xxref (ยง9 of handbook) \documentclass{article} \usepackage{eledmac} \begin{document} \beginnumbering \pstart \edlabel{Queritur}Queritur utrum metaphysica sit scientia una. \pend \pstart \edtext{Et videtur quod non\edlabel{non}.}{\xxref{Queritur}{non}\lemma{queritur \dots{} non}\Afootnote{om. \emph{A}}} \pend \endnumbering ...

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