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I am not sure whether it is as elegant as \graphicspath, but another idea may be to have a command pointing to the relative path of the document. In the document, you can do \makeatletter% \ifx\mypath\@empty% \xdef\mypath{.}% \fi% \makeatother% right at the document's beginning, which sets the path to . (the current folder) if it has not been defined. In ...


In the first iteration of the loop \j is 0 but \jc is 6 and you are trying to do \path[name intersections={of={ba\j} and {ab\jc},by={C\j}}]; that is, finding intersections of ba0 and ab6, but ab6 doesn't yet exist. Use two separate loops: \documentclass[12pt]{article} \pagestyle{empty} \usepackage{amsmath,amssymb} \usepackage{tikz} ...


It seems like you just typed the export PATH=... into the console. Write this into your ~/.profile and check after you opened a new console.


(This is a bit different than the OP's problem, but the error message is the same. I hope this helps someone else:) Having never used LaTeX before, I started off by installing Texmaker, and encountered this error. I didn't know that the LaTeX tool is not bundled with the editor, and must be installed separately. In my case, I was able to fix the above ...

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