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Here is a solution derived form Mark Wibrow's answer with formated numbers. I use \pgfmathprintnumberto to print each number in a macro then I append {} to this macro (text along path seems not happy with math at the end of text). \documentclass[tikz,border=5]{standalone} \usetikzlibrary{decorations.text} \begin{document} \def\sizeA{1248800} ...


I got the OP's setup to work, though Mark Wibrow's answer is far better. I don't understand the technicalities of \pgfmathparse so will have to look into that further. Still, for the record: \documentclass{standalone} \usepackage{tikz} \usetikzlibrary{calc,fpu} \usetikzlibrary{decorations.text} \begin{document} \def\sizeA{1.248800} \def\sizeB{.801900} ...


The following should help simply things somewhat. The text align key centers the decoration text on the path, but I would use arcs to draw the circle, as it is easier to start the circle borders from the same point and also to know in advance where the center of the the path is located. Also a partial and not particularly robust (or accurate) solution to ...


First, lcdf-typetools are included in TeX Live, so no need to recompile them. Second, TeX Live does not provide any library installation of libkpathsea, that means you have to do it yourself, or install libkpathsea-dev from the ubunu repository. But I really suggest using the lcdf-typetools shipped with TL2014.


You can't use \include in the preamble, use \input instead. \include does more stuff than directly copying the filecontent, for example it issues a \clearpage, which obviously doesn't belong in the preamble. Another possibility would be to write a new package and load it with usepackage, or write a new class.


Handling of TEXMFHOME Here are some points how to set up your TEXMFHOME in a way that all the TeX related programs, i.e., those using the kpathsea library, will fine the proper files: TEXMFHOME is normally in ~/texmf, but can be changed to anything else if required don't use ls-R files, don't run texhash or mktexlsr on TEXFMHOME TEXMFHOME has to be in TeX ...

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