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Assuming that you created the diagram with the powerpoint tools. 1) Draw the diagram 2) Right mouse extended select just you diagram, not the entire slide. 3) Left click INSIDE of one of the outlined pieces of the diagram. 4) Choose save to file as a *.png to the folder with the *.tex file. 5) Now just use \includegraphics{filename} and just the ...


In Lyx page, you can find Metafile to EPS Converter software. Once installed you can copy a figure from PowerPoint, paste into MetafiletoEPSConverter and obtain a perfectly cropped eps file. Later on with epstopdf, eps2pdf or imagemagick you can obtain the corresponding pdf file.


I would suggest to you to print to .pdf and then use a tool to select the area you need and cut it from the pdf. Then import the pdf to you latex

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