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For bitmap images (such as png) the files are copied as-is (and there is no way to change them in any way) and wrapped in a PDF object. Compression is done on-top as for other objects in a PDF file with the usual losless file compression of PDF. This is true for pdftex and xetex and probably still true for luatex.


The closest answer I found to this question was through this: It does not explicitly state what I was asking but it says that PNG is supported through pdflatex. Read it for further details for your own specific problem.


If file size does not matter, the best solution is arguably to upsample the image, for example using ImageMagick: convert small.png -filter point -scale 10000% large.png You can install ImageMagick on macOS using Homebrew: brew install imagemagick You can also use batch processing in the current directory using a loop like this: for f in *.png: ...

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