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The definition of \points macro in the exam.cls is : \newcommand\points{% \begingroup \let\half=\relax \edef\pt@string{\@points}% \ifthenelse{\equal{\pt@string}{1} \or \equal{\pt@string}{\half}} {\point@sing}{\point@plur}% \endgroup } you can make more cases (four) inside conditional ifthenelse like this \renewcommand\points{% ...


The bidi package loaded by polyglossia together with the Urdu language definition file doesn't know about elsarticle, so it redefines \maketitle as if it were the one in article, which is fully incompatible with what elsarticle expects. Here's a workaround. \documentclass[3p]{elsarticle} % save \maketitle as defined by elsarticle ...


I have fixed the bug in Polyglossia with this commit and will make an upload to CTAN shortly. Many thanks to Enrico for investigating and suggesting a workaround.


It's a bug in gloss-latin.ldf that doesn't advertise the pattern file name for LuaLaTeX. Workaround: do it yourself. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{polyglossia} \setdefaultlanguage{english} \setotherlanguage[variant=classic]{latin} \setotherlanguage{italian} \makeatletter \def\latin@language{% \language=\l@classiclatin ...

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