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You changed the value of the scale factor by setting preview-scale-function to 1.5 with (set-default 'preview-scale-function 1.5) In this way you magnify the snippet and the left white space. You can get better results using values between 1.2 and 1.25.


Based on my answer to my question, the following code does what you want (at least with texlive2013 last updated in may or so) \documentclass[beamer,pstricks]{standalone} \usepackage{etex} \def\myxmin{-7.5}% \def\myymin{-7.5}% \def\myxmax{7.5}% \def\myymax{7.5}% \newlength{\pspicwidth} \newlength{\pspicheight} \newlength{\border} ...


I installed the AUCTeX according to its manual. I wrote a small tex file, but I did not figure out how to get a side-by-side preview like that of TeXStudio for example. I found one here called latex-preview-pane. It works but still do not get a PDF only bohemic script instead (see image below). Author of latex-preview-pane here. It looks like (as ...


I don't know why this happens, but the option baseline=0 to tikzpicture seems to do the trick: Without baseline=0 option: With baseline=0 option:

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