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There is no space so you will have to modify the font you are using or switch to some font that suits you better. Each font has some kerning definitions and sometimes even special kernings for certain character pairs. This is a lot of work to create such a font or to modify. So I think, you are better with searching for some wider spaced font for maths. If ...


\documentclass{article} \usepackage{lipsum} \begin{document} \directlua{function last_line(h) ll=node.slide(h) newh = node.remove(h,ll) callback.register("post_linebreak_filter",nil) tex.setbox(0,ll) return h end } \directlua{callback.register("post_linebreak_filter", last_line)} \lipsum[3] \begin{center} \fbox{\unhbox0} \end{center} \end{document}


You can use traditional TeX programming in LuaTeX too. An you don't need to use the boxing and unboxing for your task. You can try: \def\centerlastline#1{\par {\leftskip=0pt plus1fil \rightskip=0pt plus-1fil \parfillskip=0pt plus2fil \noindent #1\par}% } \centerlastline{\lipsum[3]}


After too many hours of failed attempts I got a working solution. The problem was in setting correct values to glue nodes. Documentation on this is unfortunately lacking, so I spent too much time hacking node dumps, but this lead to nowhere. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{lipsum} \usepackage{luatexbase} % we will use node attributes to start/stop ...


As the error message shows the file is trying to do \catcode \endlinechar 5 to normalize end of line handling while looking in an EPS file for BoundIngBox comments It (I) wasn't expecting you to have done \endlinechar=-1\relax so this ends up trying to set the catcode of character -1 which produces the error you show. I assume you can do ...

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