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I found QT.cls, one of the EMS classes; since it features the same code as you show, the method I suggested for How to suppress the final period (".") in paragraph titles? seems to work as well. \RequirePackage[2014/05/01]{latexrelease} % if you have an updated LaTeX distribution \documentclass{QT} \makeatletter ...


Use the ` key twice, instead of double quotes, i.e. ``More--than--Moore'' It is on the same key as ~ on American keyboards.


You can use LaTeX unbreakable space ~: ~-~Blahblah~-~ This will create a space and force the TeX engine to link the part before and after the tilde to be on the same line of text produced. You can create a command to not type them: \newcommand{\foo}{~-~} For a thin space you can use \, without space around: \,-\,Blahblah\,-\, With newcommand: ...


Use \renewbibmacro{in:}{% \ifentrytype{article} {} {\printtext{\bibstring{in}}% \printunit{\intitlepunct}}} Where we make sure that the \intitlepunct goes into the punctuation buffer and is not overriden by any following punctuation. MWE (with a few modifications) \documentclass[10pt]{article} \RequirePackage{polyglossia} ...

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