RefTeX is a feature of , providing an easy way to navigate through your documents. It features an interactive table of contents with optional display of labels and citations.

A prominent feature of RefTeX is its support for inserting citations which is done via C-c [ (reftex-citation). It first asks what kind of citation macro you want to insert, e.g. \cite, and then it lets you search your bibliography for an entry which it adds as an argument to the citation macro. You can also add a label using C-c ( (reftex-label) and a reference to a label with C-c ) (reftex-reference). RefTeX is able to automatically inserts label after sectioning commands, like \chapter and \section, and in environments like equation, figure, and table.

RefTeX and AUCTeX

RefTeX works very well with . To inteface RefTeX with AUCTeX insert the following into your .emacs:

(setq reftex-plug-into-AUCTeX t)

RefTeX and biblatex

To get RefTeX to work with one has to configure it to suggest the biblatex citation macros one wants to use, see Setting up RefTeX with biblatex citation commands. In the same way RefTeX can be made to support csquotes' integrated citation commands.

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