{relation-symbols} are those {symbols} that denote relations (e.g., =, <) or have \mathrel spacing. Questions that are tagged with {relation-symbols} should be tagged with {symbols} as well, as it describes a sub-concept.

Questions tagged should also be tagged : this is a sub-concept.

An exhaustive overview of not only relational symbols can be found in the Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List.


How should I represent mathematical definitions?

Wolfram Mathworld lists three notations for mathematical definitions, namely ≡, :=, and placing a hat on an equals sig; several others are used, such as placing def above an equals sign. Only ≡ is represented natively as a mathematical relation symbol in core Latex, using \equiv.

The answers to How to typeset $:=$ correctly? give advice on typesetting :=, sometimes used for this purpose, as well as for imperative assignment. The answers to Is there a wider equal sign? treat placing def above =.

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