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I have used the res.cls as explained e.g. here. It is one of the oldest if not the oldest template for cv's with Latex. It's been fine up to recently but I would advise against using it. It is not updated anymore and so I have had problems using it with newer versions of Yosemite (actually I have the same problem described here).


\documentclass[margin]{res} \newcommand\Address[1]{\tabular{c}#1\endtabular\hfill} \begin{document} Test \Address{{\bf Address1} \\ Filler Text \\ Filler Text} \Address{{\bf Address2} \\ Filler Text \\ Filler Text} \Address{{\bf Address3} \\ Filler Text \\ Filler Text} \end{document}


Use \minipage: \begin{document} \begin{minipage}{1in} \textbf{Address1}\\ Filler Text\\ Filler Text \end{minipage}% \begin{minipage}{1in} \textbf{Address2}\\ Filler Text\\ Filler Text \end{minipage}% \begin{minipage}{1in} \textbf{Address3}\\ Filler Text\\ Filler Text \end{minipage} I'm not sure what your \address{} does, but minipages should do what you ...


An other quite recent style is available here:

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