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There is no need to use \resizebox for any table, just select a suitable font size such as \small or \footnotesize so {\small \begin{longtable} .... \end{longtable} } or equivalently \begin{small} \begin{longtable} .... \end{longtable} \end{small}


I think you have two good choices and a (likely) dreadful choice: Use a tabular* environment, Use a tabularx environment (or its close cousin, tabulary) Use the basic tabular environment and scale it up (or down) using \resizebox. The results are as follows (the first horizontal line is there just to illustrate the width of the text block): Can you ...


In this case, \hsize returned the optimal width of the figure. \showthe\hsize returned 222.5 pt. When I made a 222.5 pt plot and included it in the paper using \includegraphics{myplot}, it fit perfectly without resizing. In most cases though, \hsize should be avoided. I thank @egreg for his comment that clarifies why. I thank @touhami for his comment ...

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