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You could use something like \newsavebox\signaturebox \sbox\signaturebox{% \begin{tabular}{@{}c@{}} \smash{\includegraphics[height=2.25em]{example-image.pdf}}\\[5pt] (\usekomavar{fromname}) \end{tabular}} \setkomavar{signature}{\usebox{\signaturebox}}% and maybe \renewcommand*\raggedsignature{\raggedright} Code: \documentclass%% ...


If you need to change the margins of the second page of your letter, you need to do something like \KOMAoptions{DIV=20}. I don't know whether you can put that into the KOMAvar nexthead. To change the margin for some lines, use the environment »addmargin«, which is included in KOMAscript.


You have to redefine the \pagemark command: \renewcommand\pagemark{\usekomafont{pagenumber}\thepage} Additional remarks: The letter-class-option file DIN is loaded by scrlttr2 automatically. I do not understand why you are nesting letter environments and why you are closing the outer letter environment using \AtEndDocument. So in the following MWE there ...

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