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This can be done with titlesec, as one of the tags in the question suggests, but I wouldn't recommend this due to some know incompatibilities; see About memoir and titlesec incompatibility, for example. Here's one possibility using memoir's methods only: \documentclass{memoir} \usepackage{ulem} \usepackage{lipsum} ...


\documentclass{article} \begin{document} If only parindent is positive: \def\zhiva#1{\noindent\textbf{#1}\par} \zhiva{Title1} My paragraph. \zhiva{Title1} My paragraph. \end{document} I can see, that in a dual answer there is an opposite vision of indenting and non-indenting.


This, or some variant, may solve your problem. It's not clear what you want when the text wraps to a new line. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{lipsum} \setlength{\parindent}{0cm} \newcommand{\mytitle}[1]{% \addvspace{0.2cm}% perhaps, as Barbara Beeton suggests \textbf{#1} \par \hspace{0.5cm} } \begin{document} \mytitle{Title} \lipsum[15] ...


The titlesec package with explicit option lets you have simple formatting commands; e.g.: \titleformat*\subsubsection}[hang]{\large\bfseries\boldmath}{0.5em}{\thesubsubsection.}{#1} where: the "optional" argument is the shape of the section; hang is LaTeX default. next argument is general formatting to be applied to both label and title text. 3rd ...


I think using \normalfont or \textnormal inside the \subsubsection header can serve your purpose. \subsubsection{\textnormal{I am same as the paragraph font}} I am the paragraph. or, \subsubsection{\normalfont I am same as the paragraph font} I am the paragraph.


On the line where your subsubsection title should be, do Insert-->Short title and leave that box empty. That takes care of the title. To take away the skip after the subsubsection number, add this to the preamble (thanks to @Werner here): \renewcommand\subsubsection{\@startsection{subsubsection}{3}{\z@}% {-3.25ex\@plus ...

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