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Here is an example with pgfplots. Since v1.10 it provides the fillbetween library, which can be used to fill the area between curves. Since v1.11 you don't need to say axis cs: anymore, for custom annotations such as here. I just use it to fill an area below the ln curve with white, so removing that part from a filled rectangular area to get the desired ...


Another solution exploiting the text rendering modes of the PDF specification to render the text as a clipping path: \documentclass[border=5]{standalone} \usepackage{tikz} \newcommand\shadetext[2][]{% \setbox0=\hbox{{\special{pdf:literal 7 Tr }#2}}% \tikz[baseline=0]\path [#1] \pgfextra{\rlap{\copy0}} (0,-\dp0) rectangle (\wd0,\ht0);% } \begin{document} ...

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