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This isn't an answer, but only to address the part of this that seems to be about LaTeXTools on Sublime (if you're using LaTeXing, I have no idea how to make things work). The builder settings block should look like this: "builder_settings": { "options": ["--shell-escape"] } That said if you've already enabled write18 in the config, it's unnecessary, ...


In the options for latex, the tex file goes last (AFAIK). So when specifying options for an editor know which will be the placeholder for the tex file, and make sure it comes last


You can use the same idea as in \documentclass{standalone} \usepackage[pdf]{graphviz} \usepackage{etoolbox} \makeatletter % consider \| and \\ unexpandable; it happens in a group, so nothing bad happens \pretocmd{\@@digraph} {% \let\|\relax % allow \| \let\\\relax % allow \\ }{}{} \makeatother \begin{...


\documentclass{standalone} \usepackage{graphviz} \begin{document} \digraph[scale=0.5]{abc}{ rankdir=LR; "\string\\x"->"y"; } \end{document}


\write18 no longer means execute system commands in luatex. add \usepackage{shellesc} to re-enable it. That package will also allow the clearer syntax \ShellEscape{...} instead of \write18{...} or since you are writing code specifically for luatex you could avoid using shellesc and use \directlua{os.execute("\luaescapestring{...}")} which ...

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