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I don't think that cmd.exe was ever directly allowed (in restricted mode). You need to run your document with --shell-escape. When I try your document I get a prompt in the window where pdflatex compiled the document. If you want a new cmd.exe windows you should probably use \immediate\write18{start cmd.exe} (again --shell-escape is needed).


I found the solution, you're right @David Carlistle, but There are some things to do before the minted package works : so to INSTALL MINTED PACKAGE AND USE IT IN TEXMAKER, you should follow these steps : 1 - Install python 2.7 2 - Install (md5) and extract files where ever you want but keep the path in mind. 3 - add "C:\Python27" ...


What about Lua? \documentclass{article} \begin{document} \directlua{ local fp = io.popen("kpsewhich article.cls") local fh ="blub.temp", "a") while true do local line = fp:read() if line == nil then break end fh:write(line, "\noexpand\n") end fh:close() fp:close() } \end{document}


Tikz externalization can't solve memory problems, because what it does is saving the output of the tikzpicture environments as an external file (pdf or eps), after it has been compiled. If your code doesn't compile, nothing can be externalized. After correction of your syntax errors (read your error messages!) it compiles for me with LuaLatex. But you ...


The following process works for me on Windows. First, the following code will create your PNG files and a file called tempRename.bat that contains DOS commands for renaming those PNG files to your desired names (the -shell-escape option is necessary for the \write18 function). \documentclass[tikz,convert]{standalone} \begin{document} \newcounter{num} ...

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