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Since macros are expanded in a \write, I'd have \edef\shebang{\string#!/bin/bash} in the preamble so that you can use \newcommand{\CreateBashScript}{% \immediate\write18{echo "\shebang" > \jobname.command}% } in the command. As told in the comment, you could also double the # in the replacement text \newcommand{\CreateBashScript}{% ...


According to the PDF specification for PDF 1.7 (ISO 32000-1:2008), you are out of luck. The action dictionary for Launch actions defines the following keys for options: Win dictionary (Optional) A dictionary containing Windows-specific launch parameters (see Table 204). Mac (undefined) (Optional) Mac OS-specific launch parameters; not yet ...


See answer here. "tap Preferences->package settings->LaTeXTools->Reconfigure LaTeXTools and migrate settings in order to create the LaTeXTools.sublime-settings file."

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