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This is a file from the R project. You can compile it to pdf with Sweave("path/to/your/file.Rnw"). This will result in a new .df file that contains your graphic. Now you can include this pdf in your document with the \includegraphics command. \includegraphics[scale=0.5]{path/to/the/generated/file.pdf} \includegraphics has options like scale, width or ...


You could redefined \@makefnmark as per the MWE: \documentclass{article} \makeatletter \def\@makefnmark{\hbox{[\normalfont\@thefnmark]}} \makeatother \begin{document} This is test.\footnote{Test footnote.} \end{document}


You can increase the link bulge factor with e.g. \ganttlinkedbar[link bulge=4]{C}{2016-08-05}{2016-08-25}. The default value is 0.4. \documentclass[tikz]{standalone} \usepackage{pgfgantt} \begin{document} \begin{ganttchart}[ y unit chart = 0.65cm, y unit title = 0.75cm, x unit=0.5mm, time slot format=isodate, ]{2016-05-01}{2016-12-31} ...


By "resizing" the summation symbols, I assume you want to enlarge them, so that they have the size used in display-math environments. This may be achieve most directly by placing \displaystyle directives ahead of \sum macros that occur in inline-math environment. This works for \int, \prod, and other so-called variable-sized operator symbols as well. ...

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