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The main reason here is that titlesec just handles \parts differently to all other sectional units within a document. It sets up a separate handler to manage the titles and ToC-related entries, always writing the latter for \part. As such, your "after code" which adds the ToC-related entry for \part is followed by titlesec writing it as well, hence the dual ...


I began by reducing your code to something closer to a minimal working example (MWE): \documentclass{amsart} \usepackage[toc,section=section]{glossaries} \newcommand{\dictentry}[2]{% \newglossaryentry{#1}{name=#1,description={#2}}% \glslink{#1}{}% } \makeglossaries \glossarystyle{long3col} \setlength{\glsdescwidth}{0.6\textwidth} ...

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