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My impression is that you're using the wrong approach; besides, \begin{theorem}* doesn't seem the best syntax. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{xparse,amsthm} \NewDocumentCommand{\DeclareTheorem}{momo}{% % #1=environment's name % #2=sibling counter % #3=label % #4=parent counter \IfNoValueTF{#4} {% \IfNoValueTF{#2} {\newtheorem{#1}{#3}} ...


To expand on my comment, a few hypotheticals. Why does \CTest need to call \CTwo? If \CTest takes an optional argument, why do you need the star to indicate whether to use it? How should \CTest behave without the optional argument in place? Usually (in expl3 style) you'd define an underlying function with a fixed number of arguments that takes your input ...

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