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The \ssp definition in the cited answer, How do you get a scriptscriptstyle-sized prime?, was specifically for \scriptscriptstyle only. To adapt a macro (I kept the same name, but you can change it to suit) for all math styles, just use \mathchoice. In most math styles, it is just #1^\prime. Only in \scriptscriptstyle does the alternate definition kick in ...


You are talking about a math environment I guess (because you mention $^$). I think the answer depends on the packages being loaded. In the example I think the package unicode-math actually makes $²$ to expand to and $^2$ (or something similar). Once this substitution is made the result (in math mode) is independent of the font selected. ...


You can make TeX ignore the height of a formula with the \smash command. Try ... some text $\smash{A_{b/c}^{dd}}$ more text ... The \smash macro is provided by plain TeX and it sets the height and depth of a maths subformula to zero. Beware that this might make your subscripts and superscripts overprint the lines above or below.


The parenthesis in the example provided is not really necessary. The problem here was the fact of forgetting to group the superscripts/subscripts in braces. This is a good practice. Hence the right approach is illustrated below: \documentclass[letterpaper]{article} \begin{document} $p= \sqrt{2}^{(\sqrt{2})}$ $p= \sqrt{2}^{\sqrt{2}}$ \end{document}


The font is respected if you use a better syntax: \documentclass{book} \usepackage{tipa} \newcommand{\upschwa}{\textsuperscript{\textschwa}} \begin{document} \textit{ahmiia zaoth etc\upschwa} ahmiia zaoth etc\upschwa \end{document} Note though that the TIPA fonts don't have italics, but only slanted. Loading tipa with noenc would give infinite ...


The prime symbols are not too low, they're too small: you're requesting that first level sub/superscripts are 6pt, which is too small next to an 11pt size symbol. Computing 80% of 11pt gives 8.8pt, and the standard first level sub/superscript size for 11pt is 8pt. Of course you need arbitrarily scalable fonts for this to work (\usepackage{lmodern}, for ...


Please always post complete documents that show the problem. It should work: \documentclass{article} \begin{document} 8\textsuperscript{th} 8th \end{document}

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