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It also worked for me to just put in math mode the part that we don't want to be text: Like$_this$ Another solution would be simply using the \text{} command: $\text{Like}_this$ Thanks everybody for the answers! :)


This is quite surprising, given that ${a^b}^c$ works and ${\hat{a}^b}^c$ not. Look for a complete analyisis at Double superscript error involving tilde (which is the same problem). The problem is that there is a doubt between the position of the hat and the exponents. Is the two a superscript of what? The \hat{a}? The a (and so it should go with ...


\documentclass[11pt]{article} \begin{document} \begin{equation} \hat{a}_{1}^{\dagger 2} \end{equation} \end{document} Possibly \hat{a}_{1}^{\dagger\,2} if you want a little bit more space before between the symbols in the superscript.


According to ISO 80000-2:2009, Quantities and units---part2: Mathematical signs and symbols to be used in the natural sciences and technology, the upright i is the correct choice. Quantities which are not variable across time or context (such as immutable constants of nature) are upright while variables, contextual constants, running numbers (dummies), are ...

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