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The syntax should look like this. \newcommand{\boldcite}[1]{\textbf{\citeasnoun{#1}} In a \newcommand declaration, you use [1] to indicate a mandatory argument, [2] to indicate two arguments, and so on, and then refer to them as #1 and #2 in the command text. \newcommand is often better than \def, as it will issue a warning if the command is already ...


Add only BACKGROUND_COLOR="xclEnvBk" in the section of switches.ini. The rest of the setting from $$ are for multiline backgrounds. And don't forget to load the script.


Sorry for the confusion everyone. I should have read the posting rules more thoroughly so I could have provided some actual useful information instead of a wall of nonsense code! The issue was a missing brace in chapter 3. I didn't realize that the error messages thrown by TeXstudio wouldn't give the exact line of the error, so I was assuming something ...


You can use the environ package like this: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{environ} \NewEnviron{margin}{\marginpar{\BODY}} \begin{document} \begin{margin} Figure goes here \end{margin} \end{document}

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