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This behaviour is not caused by your template but by the scrbook-class which is used in this template. The motivation behind this behaviour is that every new part starts on an odd page being on the right hand side in case of double sided printing. In general this is a desired layout, however if you really, really want to get rid of these empty pages, you ...


\documentclass{article} \def\a{\stepcounter{enumi}One two three four \roman{enumi} five six seven eight. } \def\b{\a\a\a\a Red blue yellow. \a\a\a\a\a\ Green black blue \Roman{enumi}. } \def\c{\b\b\b\par\a\b\a\b\a\par} \def\z{ Interesting text that has notes attached} \def\zz{\z\z\z\z\z} \newcommand\mynote[1]{\strut\vadjust{% ...

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