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You could define your commands like given below: \newcommand{\FIRST}[1]{\gdef\@FIRST{#1}} \newcommand{\SECOND}[1]{\gdef\@SECOND{#1}} \newcommand{\THIRD}[1]{\gdef\@THIRD{#1}} \let\@FIRST\@empty \let\@SECOND\@empty \let\@THIRD\@empty Then later inside \maketitle you could replace \FIRST, \SECOND and \THIRD to \@FIRST, \@SECOND and \@THIRD respectively. Now ...


The Warsaw theme of beamer uses the shadow outer theme which, in turn, is based on the split outer theme. The split outer theme sets the footline using the following template construction: \defbeamertemplate*{footline}{split theme} {% \leavevmode% \hbox{\begin{beamercolorbox}[wd=.5\paperwidth,ht=2.5ex,dp=1.125ex,leftskip=.3cm plus1fill,rightskip=.3cm]{...


As mentioned similar quostion here. The CLS file uses the document class Article. It seems that easiest is to set up local aaltothesis.layout file for your thesis, not working yet: errors documented below. Other option is to put it under /Applications/ but so far at least not working in my OSX Lyx. The Aaltothesis.cls ...


with a current (texlive 2016) distribution there is no error but a mismatched \ifx somewhere causes a warning (\end occurred when \ifx on line 161 was incomplete) on the supplied example file, however the error shown in the question occurs in hypdvips package code and the [nohypdvips] option suppresses the loading of that package.

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