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The template already fiddles with the title, so, you are not doing any harm by adding few more lines as in \title{ \normalfont \LARGE \textsc{University of Example - School of Management, Economics, Law, Social Sciences and International Affairs} \\ [25pt] % Your university, school and/or department name(s) \horrule{1pt} \\[0.4cm] % Thin top horizontal rule ...


In the KOMA classes you have alredy have an enhanced meta data interface, i.e. there is \subtitle to add a subtitle. For the rest I recommend to use a series of patches to get in the additional information and keep the macros gathering the meta data clean of any sort of formatting command. Specifically I would prefer to write \title{European Competition ...


I think this particular usage of the word template comes from Microsoft Word users. In that application, a template is essentially an example document with placeholder text and styling that can be customized to suit one's needs. Word ships with several templates for letters, invoices, agendas, etc. Templates can be pretty sophisticated with their own ...


In my experience using \documentclass{nature} , it works ok except for some problems with tables and figures alignment since the commands options [htbp] donĀ“t work anymore.

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