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Bad news: The message is the result of a bug. EDIT: As Ulrike writes today (Juli 31, 2014), the bug in tex4ht has not been removed yet. Good news: You simply could tell tex4ht to go on. Just type "R" (or was it Ctrl-R?), and the compilation will go on.


Both tex4ht and tocloft redefine table of contents mechanism, so they clash each other. Because you can't use tocloft settings with tex4ht anyway, it is best to to disable tocloft. From fast look at tocloft source code, it seems that we can use \if@cftnctoc conditional for this purpose, when set to true, no redefinitions take place. Fortunately, all ...


This is clearly a bug in tex4ht support for listings. When you look at generated code, you can see: <!--l. 13--><pre class="listings"><span class="cmtt-10x-x-109"> </span><br /><span class="label"><a id="x1-2r1"></a></span><span class="cmtt-10x-x-109">$</span><span ...


The question is answered here. The key point is that colon has the wrong catcode to allow \:xhtml to be recognized as a command. See the referenced solution for the details and exact code to make it work.

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