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To perform an inverse search you can "ctrl+click" on the PDF preview or right click and then clik on "click to jump to the line": As @egreg points out, such information are easily found the user manual: If you add the -synctex=1 option to the pdflatex command, the built-in pdf viewer will jump directly to the position in the PDF file that ...


The basic reason is surely that $ is the TeX primitive for entering and leaving math-mode. Indeed, the definition of \( is \relax \ifmmode \@badmath \else $\fi That is, \( inserts a $ is we are not in math-mode and otherwise gives an error. The definition of \) is slightly more complicated but it essentially inserts a $ too (the complication is that \) ...


If I use \renewcommand{\textdexiakeraia}{} I get no apostrophe (properly, number sign) in second level enumerated lists. The symbol for 6 is “stigma” (U+03DB); if you want to output the combination στ instead of ϛ, you can redefine \textstigma: \renewcommand{\textstigma}{\textsigma\texttau} Complete example: ...


In TeXmaker you can add the $...$ using Ctrl + Shift + M for an equation in the middle of the text, or Ctrl + Shift + N for an numbered displayed equation (inserts the equation environment. You can check this and all the default shortcuts in Options>Configure TeXmaker and in the window the fourth window: Shortcuts is where you can edit them. But if you ...


I just found out that texmaker for mac supports forward/inverse search directly. For forward search, you can go to your texmaker's preferences, in shortcuts menu, find the shortcut corresponds to VIEW PDF. Mine is F7, but yours might be different. After a double check, I found out that one need to quickly build twice, before you can make the forward ...


In Texmaker's settings, the BibTeX command reads "/usr/texbin/bibtex" % .aux but it should be "/usr/texbin/bibtex" %.aux without the space between % and .aux.


I experienced this as well, I had success using TIS-620


You can directly edit the page number in the toolbar: There's also a page overview, which can be activated via the context menu of the embedded viewer (if the viewer is windowed also via the menu of the viewer window):

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