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That TeXnicCenter can only use one project in one running TeXnicCenter is a clever thing. Or how should TeXnicCenter be able to discover which project you want to be compiled? It is a help for the user to make compiling easier ... A TeXnicCenter project has two files, the *.tcp file (TeXnicCenter project) for the project and the *.tps (TeXnicCenter ...


I'm not a developer of MiKTeX nor TeXnicCenter but I'm a teacher how to use MikTeX (and TeXnicCenter). Some of my students have problems with their installation and asked me how to solve that. BTW are that usually students not following my installation hints ... MiKTeX has a separate update system and a separate package system. To have a well working ...


In Winedt use Ctrl+Shift+Alt+→ to comment a line and to uncomment a line use Ctrl+Shift+Alt+←.


There is currently a bug in the babel package from miktex. The files are in tex/tex/generic/babel instead of tex/generic/babel. This is a problem if the cslatex package is installed as now its hyphen.cfg is found before the hyphen.cfg from babel. Until the package is repaired you can do the following: Move the hyphen.cfg from tex/tex/generic/babel to ...

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