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In build --> define outputfiles --> command line argument to pass to: just delete line command and put instead -interaction=nonstopmode "%pm" when you use latex=>pdf. I think it works !


You can also do it with latex or pdflatex, by using the packages fontenc (encoding for the printed text) and inputenc (encoding for the source file). \documentclass{article} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc} \usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} \begin{document} àâéèêîôùû \end{document} You can see this question for more details.


Don't. Just don't typeset é as \'e, if you need lots of them. Typeset them as é using your French keyboard, store the file as utf-8, and compile with a Unicode-aware TeX engine like xelatex. See, however, the comments below the answer of T. Verron: xelatex is not the standard engine. Therefore you might prefer a solution that works with pdflatex.


I uninstalled all previous versions of Ghostscript so now I have only the latest one 9.16 and after restarting the computer my Output profile latex->ps->pdf works fine.


No caption + No headings + No floating = Smells like a list to me, rather than a table. Any desired styling/indentation can be added using built-in commands or a package for modifying lists such as enumitem. This solution can break across pages, unlike a standard tabular environment (especially unlike a tabular wrapped in a table environment). ...


Please do not edit the question to ask unrelated questions, it makes the site impossible to follow later, open a new question for new questions. The original problem was exactly as indicated by TeX, a missing } meant that the argument for \emph{.... was not closed before the end of file. The new problem is that LaTeX commands like \documentclass are not ...

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