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In TeXnicCenter you can add a new profile for compiling with a nomenclature. Press alt+F7 to open the dialog windows for the profiles. Choose your standard profile, copy it with the button copy and give it a new name, like "LaTeX-PDF-nomencl". Now check that you have clicked on register "(La)TeX". In the last line you can add your arguments to be given to ...


Unfortunately, space characters cannot reliably be copied from a PDF. This answer on Superuser is bang on: The problem with PDF is that it doesn't really encode text. All it does is pretty much saying "Put those glyphs there, and those glyphs there". It's a format intended for print and high-fidelity document preview on screen but not so much to ...


I experienced the same problem when I switched the render method to 'Dvips' (for psfrag command). The problem went away after I switch back to 'pk' in Dvi->View->Render method

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