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In the PDF viewer, click Configure --> Scrolling follows cursor, and Cursor follows scrolling.


You can also toggle this behavior using the two lock buttons in the status bar of the pdf viewer.


I had to look that up too: Section 4.3 of the user manual defines those as "optional entries" hence the prefix "OPT". As Mico mentioned if you want any of the optioal stuff to appear, you will need to remove the "OPT" in front and insert the information. EDIT: Forgot one bit of information from the manual: "Note: the optional fields can be automatically ...


I also use a few different computers and the same thing happened to me. And the reason was, that I had forgotten to install a Tex distribution on one of the computers (TexStudio is just an editor, it won't compile anything if you haven't installed Tex.) Solution: Install TeXLive or MikTeX and your TexStudio will start working.

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