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With the fancyhdr package you can define what is displayed in the header and footer. Getting your desired page numbers would require you to define \fancyfoot[FC]{\{ \thepage \}} in your preamble EDIT: The F is not needed.


Thanks to the helps from above, I find a solution for this. Install cm-super package in MiKTeX Start -> MiKTeX folder -> Maintenance (Admin) -> Package Manager (Admin) -> Search cm-super -> Install Update pdftex.map (if it doesn't take effect) Start Task Manager(Ctrl+Alt+Delete) -> File -> New Task (Run...) -> Type "cmd" and hit enter -> Run command ...


It looks like your TeX-distribution might use bitmap fonts rather than postscript fonts. Postscript letters are somewhat like vector graphics, so they will scale up nicely, whereas bitmap letters can be compared to a raster image that will pixelate when scaled. If you still want to use Computer Modern, you might try the ae-package (optionally in conjunction ...


Another option, if you are looking for multiline shadow text is to use the textpos package to create a textblock of the main text and then offset the box slightly to create the 'shadow' portion. Note, the 'gray' text needs to be created first so the black text can overlay it. \documentclass{article} \usepackage[absolute]{textpos} \TPGrid{100}{100} ...

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