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One way to make partial compilations is to use \include{...} in the document body and \includeonly{fileA,fileB,...} in the preamble. Only the files fileA, fileB etc. are included then. \include preserves the reference labels, but introduces a new page, so it's predestinated for external files with \chapter. There's also a excludeonly package, with ...


documentclass[12pt]{…} and no font loading, no T1 font encoding. cmr is the default font. However, note if you need accented letters, you'd have better write \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}\usepackage{lmodern}.


You can use a \pbox with the \textwidth option from the pbox package and right-align that with an \hfill like this: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{pbox} \begin{document} Title A lot of text. \hfill\pbox{\textwidth}{ Name Family name, City, Month Year\\ Name2 Family name2\\ Name3 Family name3 } \end{document} The \textwidth option makes ...


Here's what I'd do: create ecsthesis.layout in your thesis folder, make this its contents: #\DeclareLaTeXClass[ecsthesis,book]{ecsthesis} Format 49 Input Input Copy ecsthesis.cls to the same folder. Create a new file in LyX, save it where these two files are, then in 'Document>Settings>Document Class>Local layout' choose ...

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