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This is known problem because of starred chapters. Here are two ways: 1 (not recommended) Replace \setcounter{mtc}{9} with \setcounter{mtc}{6} (well try to find the correct value) 2 Remove \setcounter{mtc}{9} and redefine \addtotoc \renewcommand\addtotoc[1]{% \refstepcounter{dummy}% \addstarredchapter{#1}% or \mtcaddchapter[#1]% \markboth{#1}{}}


Here is how I like to include Jupyter notebooks in a LaTeX document with \include{}. Outline In the Jupyter Notebook, use the raw option for non-code exposition which contains LaTeX. This is achieved by selecting the cell and then pressing ESC followed by R. The cell might look like this: This is some text in the notebook which contains LaTeX. So we ...


I'm not sure what OS you are running or what you mean by "lots of installations". I like to use LyX, a LaTeX editor with a graphical user interface (I especially like how equations are displayed). If you are using Windows, one of the binaries available for download is a bundle which makes the installation incredibly easy - in addition to LyX it will install ...


You will find that @techreports get mapped to @report with type = {techreport}, while @phdthesis and @mastersthesis both get mapped to @thesis with type = {phdthesis} and type = {mastersthesis} respectively. So there is a way to differentiate the types, just not via the entry type, but the type field. I would have thought that the output for the types is ...

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