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\documentclass[10pt,oneside]{book} \usepackage[margin=1in]{geometry} \usepackage{tocloft} % this package styles ToC, LoT and LoF %========= Customizing ToC % Z represents all three ToC, LoT an LoF respectively % adding 1in vertical space to make total 2 inch space from top for Z \setlength{\cftbeforetoctitleskip}{1in} ...


While going over the code again with trial and error I discovered my error. Due to my lack of familiarity with LaTeX I had enclosed each chapter's titlepage in begin{\titlepage} and end{\titlepage} which reset the numbering for every chapter. My sincere thanks to anyone that took out time to go over my post and devoted thought to solving my problem!


I do this changes (following your link) and it works Note: you can redefine \thepage globaly %---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- % THESIS CONTENT - CHAPTERS %---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- %\pagestyle{fancy} %\renewcommand{\marginparsep}{36pt} ...


If this is literally the last thing you need to fix, the following should work. Add this in your preamble: \geometry{reset, letterpaper, height=9in, width=6in, hmarginratio=1:1, vmarginratio=1:1, marginparsep=0pt, marginparwidth=0pt, headheight=15pt} Remove all manual settings for layout dimensions from the preamble. If you need to make adjustments, add ...

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