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Try something like this in your preamble: \usepackage{titletoc,ulem} \titlecontents{chapter}[0em]{\smallskip\bfseries}%\vspace{1cm}% {\contentslabel[\uline{\chaptername~\thecontentslabel}]{0em}\hspace{5.6em}\uline}% {\renewcommand\thecontentslabel{\relax}\itshape\uline}%numberless% {\hfill\contentspage}[\medskip]%


You are using a KOMA-Script class. So here is a suggestion that needs an uptodate KOMA version (at least v. 3.21) but without tocloft. Note that the next lines of numbered chapter TOC entries are also not indented. The reserved horizontal space for their chapter numbers is 1.5em, but this value can be adjusted if needed. Code: \documentclass[DIV=11,...


If the float package is not used, listing 'hi-jacks' the \@starttoc command and 'pretends' to typeset the ToC -- since this is all done in a group, the real ToC is not affected by this. tocloft itself can't change such list of... that are not provided by the package itself or one of the standard classes. The following code changes the \l@lstlisting ...


Here is a suggestion using package tocbasic which is part of the KOMA-Script bundle. AFAIK it should supersede package tocstyle from the same author. Note that tocbasic/KOMA-Script version 3.21 or newer is needed. Code: \documentclass[12pt]{book} \usepackage{tocbasic}[2016/06/14]% needs KOMA version 3.21 or newer \DeclareTOCStyleEntry[ linefill=\quad, ...

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