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WriteLatex.com does exactly that. It's an online Latex editor with automatic refresh. I'm writing my undergraduate thesis there, and it has been perfect so far. Plus, there are several advantages about having it online. You should definitely try it out!


The NASA LaTeX site provides about the right amount of information for what you want: http://www.giss.nasa.gov/tools/latex/index.html You could access it from the command line with a text browser like elinks. For example, on a Unixy system, you could put this in your .bash_aliases or other appropriate dot file: function texhelp { elinks ...


pandoc can do this. Running: pandoc latex-comments.tex -o latex-stripped.tex Converts latex-comments.tex: I've a LaTeX source. I'm ready %for submission %But first I would like to strip its comments. So I hope there are 100\% auto ways to get this done. \begin{comment} Because there are subtle ways to mess it up. \end{comment} \begin{verbatim} ...


Developer for Cite This For Me here (the site mentioned in the question). BibTeX is now available on the site, it's in the Download menu as seen in this picture:


Personally, I use the 'BibTeX entry from URL' Chrome extension which adds a button to copy the BibTex for the currently open website to the clipboard.


Mendeley also allows you to search for papers, store papers you find on major reference sites, and save as a .bib file.


Google Scholar exports bibtex. One solution would be to search for the paper you want there and then export the record.


Zotero does everything you describe, and you can export your library in .bib format. In my experience, you will have to go through and clean up the file afterward, but that's hard to avoid with bibliographies in any format.

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