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How about making each line its own page? Perhaps someone else can show how to make TeX hyphenate across the page breaks the same way it would for regular lines. \documentclass{article} \usepackage[margin=0pt,paperheight=12pt,paperwidth=6.5in]{geometry} \usepackage{kantlipsum} \begin{document} \kant \end{document}


this typesets one line per page, producing output like then imagemagic convert for example would convert the pdf to one png per page. \documentclass{article} \def\a{For a research project, I'd like to extract an image of each typeset line in a page of plain text all in the same font. } \def\b{\stepcounter{enumi}\roman{enumi}) ...


write-math.com Direct link to the online service This service allows classification by drawing (even works on mobile devices!) and by text search: Disclaimer: I am the author of the service. Some information The handwriting recognition toolkit (hwrt) is one possibility to classify you recordings. There are still many rough edges and the software gets ...

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