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A generic (reference manager independent) solution: Create a new bookmark in the bookmark panel of your browser. Name it ("Export -> BibLaTeX" or whatever). URL: (Insert Content from this file). Load the page you want to cite. Click on the new bookmark button. Copy the selected text to clipboard and press [ENTER]. Paste the BibLaTeX entry into your .bib ...


For the MetaPost users, besides Troy Henderson's LaTeX previewer already presented above there is also its MetaPost previewer:


I'm not sure what Okular looks like from inside Kile. If you can't see the menus or toolbars, you can change 'mode' with Ctrl-#: Ctrl-3: selection mode Ctrl-4: text-selection mode Ctrl-5: table-selection mode


Okular has a "Tools" menu with entries "Selection Tool", "Text Selection Tool", "Table Selection Tool". All these three tools select text in different ways -- try them out. Then hit Ctrl+C to copy the selected text. These tools also have a toolbar button (probably the last one) with a dropdown arrow to select between them.

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