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Not really a tool, sorry, but generating a very simple tree \documentclass{article} \newwrite\tvhandle% \usepackage{pgffor} \usepackage{xpatch} \makeatletter \newcounter{mylevel} \newcommand{\writetv}[3]{% \edef\mydef{\space} \ifnum #3 > 0 \foreach \x in {1,...,#3} { \xdef\mydef{\mydef-} } \fi \immediate\write\tvhandle{\mydef #1 ...


Independent of the editor being used, we have latexindent by Chris (cmhughes). This should do a good job in beautifying the latex code by indenting everything. On the other hand there is a Align Columns option in texstudio (which a cousin of texmaker) where you select 1 & 2 & \mathbf M \\ 1 & -3 & \mathbf M \\ 1 & 6 & ...


Replacing if [[ -f '$1.tex' ]] with if [[ -f "$1.tex" ]] fixed the error. The double quotes were needed to expand the variable.


I finally solved the problem using the option fitpaper=true (manually setting the trim option). \documentclass{article} \usepackage{pdfpages} \begin{document} \includepdf[pages={2-32},trim=2.9cm 3.5cm 2.9cm 3.5cm,fitpaper=true]{Chapter05.pdf} \end{document} EDIT: If I think to non LaTeX solutions, briss comes up to my mind.

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