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I see no reason for avoiding textcomp. Anyway, \texttt{\fontencoding{OT1}\selectfont\symbol{13}} produces the straight quote in typewriter type. You can see the full set of characters in the OT1-encoded typewriter font with \documentclass{article} \usepackage{fonttable} \begin{document} \xfonttable{OT1}{\ttdefault}{\seriesdefault}{\shapedefault} \end{...


I would just use 12pt, but if you want to get closer to exactly 12 characters to the inch it seems like 11.71pt is the size you need (for latin modern typewriter) \documentclass[12pt]{article} \usepackage{lmodern}%scalable fonts \sbox0{\texttt{123456789abc}} \typeout{12 characters are \the\wd0 at 72.27pt to the inch} % or if you are really fixed on 12 ...


Had this question myself and the answer turned out to be: \ Example: \texttt{ Super\\ Late\\ Reply }

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