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Improved version (Other versions can be consulted in the edit history of the answer) Using the xkeyvalue package, this new version has a \EducNotebook command with a key-value system to control the attributes; the main features are: The spiral can be drawn on top, to the left or to the right. The user can select the number of spirals to be used. The ...


According to @James comment I tried an imagemagick approach to answer my own question. This is a small example (compiled with XeLaTeX), Google Permanent marker font is needed (http://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Permanent+Marker) \documentclass{article} \usepackage{fontspec} \usepackage{color} \newfontfamily\myfont[Scale=2.5]{PermanentMarker} ...


Please read section "2.3 Special characters" of the documentation for package qrcode. \qrcode reads the argument verbatim except for characters \, {, and } to allow macro expansion. These characters and the other special characters including spaces needs an "escaping" with the backslash, because their catcodes are already assigned at the time of the macro ...


Is this the shameless plug place? Ok then! Here's my PhD thesis which, 4+ years later, I am still happy with the way it turned out. Style is available here. It's an amalgamation of different things I got off the interwebs and tweaked when procrastinating.

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