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It happens that certain combination of letters have “bad” spacing. This can happen more frequently in math mode, because different rules for kerning are used than in text mode. For Computer Modern, the kerning pairs have been defined by Knuth in a very careful way; however, due to the different rules used in math mode, less frequent combinations can lead to ...


Here is some screenshots of the pdf output of my Persian class, neveshtuft: a class based on biditufte-book. A sample pdf can be downloaded here. Unfortunately I can't make the source free to download, so it can only be purchased here.


I simply use f(x) (inside a formula, that is, between $...$ or \[...\] or any other mathematical construct, which shall be implicit in what follows) and consider all the other proposed usages wrong. One might argue about \mathop{\kern0pt f}(x) so a thin space would be added in front of the f if preceded by certain kinds of atoms (what happens for \sin and ...


you can try to space manually with $c\, C$ for a little space, you can also try with \: or \;. Those are for small, medium or normal math space reciprocally. Bye


The way to have the most control over the spacing is to use the \kern command: $c\kern.125ex C$ Make sure to always define kerning commands relative to the font size using em or ex units, do not use in or cm. If this is a kerning pair you'll be using a lot, you can define a command to make it easier and consistent throughout your document: ...


If your typoscript is to be processed (not retyped) by a scientific journal or book publisher, then stick to conventions and keep it as simple as possible lest you will annoy the copy editor. Hence f(x). Or f\left(\frac{a}{b}\right) if the function argument has extra height or depth. If you are your own editor, then, as others have said, there is no such ...


The \diameter is an alternative for emptyset in lines, it is a bit tiny. \usepackage{wasysym} \diameter

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