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I made visual overview for all units available in TeX. Including a comparison and the definitions/conversions. The complete code and PDFs (EN, DE; b/w, color) are available at GitHub:


Einstein is not among the units available by default in siunitx, but you can declare a new unit. Note also that you need \per for each unit in the denominator unless you've set sticky-per=true. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{siunitx} \DeclareSIUnit{\einstein}{E} \begin{document} \SI{60}{\micro\einstein\per\meter\squared\per\second} ...


I think this is the most recent siunitx' manual. Here the word percent appears only five times, and I cannot find permille or similar. A possible answer can be found here, that is, you can put the following declaration in the preamble \DeclareSIUnit\permille{\text{\textperthousand}} and then use it just as the \percent macro of siunitx. ...

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